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Super musik og stemning

Vi bookede Bjørn til vores havefest for familie og venner. Det lød utrolig godt og alle var meget glade for musikken. Kan varmt anbefales. Dejligt nemt og trygt at booke Bjørn.


Anmeldt af Tina d. 14. juni 2023


Bare godt!

Rigtig god og behagelig baggrundsmusik. Bjørn spiller bare skønt!

Anmeldt af Annette Lund d. 20. maj 2023


Perfekt stemningsmusik!

Utrolig dejlig musikoplevelse at have Bjørn som en del af vores bryllupsreception! :)


Anmeldt af Lin d. 14. august 2022



It was such a cozy place with background music, for my birthday. And Bjørn played nice numbers. And we could talk together. Great praise from my guests to Bjørn 😊

Reviewed by Marianne Rasmussen on December 13, 2021


Thank you for a wonderful music experience!

Very pleasant musician, with a sense of capturing the mood of the guests. The gentle jazz music was a good companion during the dinner. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Ann Kurdahl on September 6, 2021


Just amazing

Super setup, with a chair, a man and a guitar. Appropriate sound level, beautiful melodies (with the jazz sound) which fit the purpose perfectly… some background music during the dinner. Is not the last time I will make use of Bjørn's talent. Many thanks from here.

Reviewed by Sonny Aunquist on October 4, 2021


Got what we had hoped for

Bjørn arrived well in advance and was well prepared. We had exchanged wishes / needs and matched expectations. Specifically, Bjørn was to play 'background music' for drinks and sneak-talk. Bjørn definitely contributed to the good mood.

Reviewed by Henrik Olsen on 14 August 2021


Great mood music for confirmation

We had some lovely hours in the company of Bjørn, who both we and our guests enjoyed very much. Wonderful and pleasant music.

Reviewed by Helle Winther on August 22, 2021


Super good experience with Bjørn on guitar

Good and accurate communication and clear agreements.
The music (lounge) was perfectly done and many of our guests came unsolicited with very positive expressions.
Pleasant, welcoming and polite.
We were very happy for Bjørn.

Reviewed by Jesper Møller Petersen on 4 August 2021


Perfect music for our wedding reception

We had booked Bjørn for our garden wedding and subsequent reception and he was fantastic! He accompanied my friend's song to the wedding and played wonderful music during the reception. I can only recommend him!

Reviewed by Mette Larsen on August 8, 2021


Super good situational awareness

We booked solo guitarist, Bjørn Fred Jensen for our outdoor wedding yesterday. We would like to warmly recommend Bjørn! Huge pleasure to have him with us for our big day. Bjørn immediately understood what we wanted, had a super good sense of situation and was really nice to have in the company. He played beautifully and comfortably and was really skilled. We will book Bjørn for all future events! :-)

Reviewed by Cecilie Helmersen on August 3, 2020


Jazz for the 50th birthday in the garden

We celebrated my husband's 50th birthday in the garden. Bjørn came and played Jazz for the company on a beautiful and very hot summer day. Bjørn was very follow-up on emails, and gave me reassurance about our appointment throughout. Bjørn came exactly as agreed, and delivered fantastic Jazz from his guitar. He had a really good feel for the company and the sound level was super adjusted. We would definitely recommend Bjørn for all kinds of festive occasions where calm and pleasant jazz tones are desired. Super good contribution to our party in the garden! From Fredensborg

Reviewed by Christine Ebbesen on June 21, 2021


40 years birthday

Bjørn played for my 40th birthday and created a unique atmosphere with wonderful guitar music and French classics.

Can really be recommended!


Lovely quiet evergreens

Lovely background beautiful guitar playing. Just like we wanted a cozy background live music where we could converse during our birthday lunch outdoors.

Reviewed by Mieke Geervliet on June 29, 2019

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